Free Study Abroad & Course Counselling

Our dedicated team of counsel experts will work with you to find your best fit. BookOtrip Study Abroad team are committed to provide personal guidance and session to select the best country and course which is perfectly matches for your educational, career goals and budget contextual. We only recommend or advise the Universities or colleges which have Designated Learning Institution Number (DLI#).

University Application Processing

BookOtrip Study Abroad is providing guidance and support throughout the process to apply and enrol the Best universities in Abroad. We follow our check list to ensure a complete error free application process. Our technology tool enabling you to make a professional Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendations (LOR). We at BookOtrip Study Abroad ensures a hassle-free application process to our students and make it uncomprehensive with our innovative technology solutions. Most of the Universities or Institutes respond the applications within 2-6 weeks and if they release the conditional offer, we help you for make secure payments to the Universities simultaneously secure the admission.

Scholarship Guidance

There are numerous scholarships are offered by colleges, Universities and Government bodies for meritorious students. BookOtrip Study Abroad counsellor will appraise the eligibility criteria to help you find best scholarship options for you to reduce your overall cost of education.

Test and Language Preparations

The most important language test of study abroad is IELTS, PTE, OET & TOEFL. We’ve tie up designated Institutes who are providing these tests in most of the cities in India. Our team of experts will direct you to the authorized Language study centre.

Visa Facilitation Services

Once you receive the confirmation of your enrolment from the University or colleges, you can initiate to process student visa application. BookOtrip employs highly trained and dedicated staff to offer Visa Facilitation services like visa paperwork and documentation. Our team of Visa experts processing work in line with High Commission or Embassy to enabling prompt and fool proof visa documentation. Once your visa endorsement has been completed by immigration authorities on your passport, you are allowed to enter and stay the specified country for a specified period.

Pre-Departure Briefing & Support

BooKotrip Study Abroad Counsellor will host a number of pre departure sessions to let them know about the do’s and don’ts while setting foot in a new country. We will guide you about the Banking (funding/ loans) and foreign exchange, immigration checks, customs control and all about the culture, activities, life as a local that will come handy and ease in your new city. We will help you to connect with our old students to help you out in finding accommodation and other arrangements in your new place. Our team will discuss how to stay within the rule when availing a part-time job to complement your study and living expenses.

Travel Arrangements is one of the leading hybrid travel Company across the globe. BookOtrip is operated and managed by a team of highly trained travel professionals and trip experts with over 6 years of global presence. We have negotiated wholesale rates with over one hundred major international and regional airlines hence we could offer best flight options and private fares with additional student’s discounts. We are keen to support our students for other travel arrangements like Forex, Travel Insurance, International SIM cards and Dependent Visa processing.

Career Assessment

Self-assessment of the student is the first and foremost step to spot the following educational or vocational option in the series that makes up career development. Career is an integral part of one's life and hence need for its management.

We created this structured assessment to help a student discover their inherent attributes, strengths, and talents. A student's self-assessment can be especially helpful in understanding their strengths and areas of growth and finalising their career.

The great advantage is understanding one's career needs and opportunities to discover all the alternatives that could work for them. Career assessment helps them to draw up a roadmap for their career.

In the end, career assessment gives clarity. BookOtrip Study Abroad Education Services not only helps the students select the career or stream that is most fitting for them but also encourages self-understanding.

Carol Ann Tomlinson once said “Assessment is today’s means of modifying tomorrow’s instruction.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”- Abraham Lincoln


BookOtrip Study Abroad Education Services is a way that assists the students with knowledge and gets them into the world of work to make career, education and life choices.

It is not everyone's cup of tea to grasp the course, college, location, fees and admission process. In determining the career choice, we collaborate with students, parents and colleges so that the student can obtain the most effective career opportunity.

Our team has experts in directing students professionally to make their choice of courses and countries to study. By providing authentic knowledge with various options accessible we help them to choose the correct courses.

We are looking forward to providing professional guidance to the students on career opportunities and to squelching their fears. We strive to provide all our candidates with reliable, cost-effective and high-quality service.

Students' Support in Admission & Placement

If a student wishes to study abroad, choosing the proper course is difficult. Our team will facilitate you to shortlist the course you would like to pursue that may best fit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters. It is essential to choose the right course/program to promise any student's progress.

With the abundance of information and experience of our team, we save time and money and map the students to the correct university after carefully reviewing their needs. We make every possible effort to create the student admission process quick and seamless at a global university.

We give your application special attention, highlighting the areas that are essential for a well-presented, error-free application. Both minor and major issues within the application are rectified and feedback is given to the students. We make sure that all the documentation needed is thoroughly collected and approved.

Documents have to be sealed and addressed carefully. To ensure that the students are well aware and updated with the status of their submissions, our team is always at grips with the students. Once the student got identified with the university, our experts will review the documents. Most universities and colleges have their unique criteria required for a whole application. Adhering to these guidelines we promise greater success and quicker response to the students.

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